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There are multiple key points one needs to consider when trying to decide between the advantages of a VW / Audi DSG vs Manual transmission offering. Factors such as how you plan to use your car, if you plan to modify it in any way, whether you’re after a ‘all in driving experience’ or just flat out speed with no human error to get in the way – these are all the things you should ask yourself.

Luckily for you, the leading DSG Specialist in Brisbane and West End – Genesis Autoworks have created a detailed article to compare the differences between the manual and DSG, each has its own pros and cons which we will discuss here in great detail and depth. 

Why the Manual is Best

The age-sold statement that majority of people stand by is that “real enthusiasts drive manuals” – while this argument used to be true – it was a pre conceived notion, that is, until the DSG Gearbox appeared.
The other argument is also that manuals are now obsolete in some parts of the world either being too inconvenient or not adaptable to the climate – while there are arguments for both cases, it is clear there are very significant differences and pros / cons of both DSG Gearboxes and Manuals.

That said, below are the key areas where a manual gearbox outperforms the DSG Gearbox, we will discuss them below.

First and foremost, the argument stands and is valid, the driving experienced is undoubtedly more involved in a manual over a DSG – no questions asked. Of course, driving in traffic can be a big chore, but once the traffic clears and those lights go green, the open road is more engaging and exciting in a manual vehicle – especially on twists and turns.

There is definitely something inherently more fun and exciting about ‘having full control’ of your vehicle, being able to have a ‘on the floor experience’ so to speak – we find this puts you more in touch with your driving.

Manual Gearbox Internals

The 6 speed VW transmission family includes the 02M, 02Q, and MQ250 variants. The fundamental design among the 3 cases are more or less the same and time and time again have proven to be reliable, sturdy and trouble free. 

To add to the driving experience, it is much easier to modify a VW manual than a DSG, simple upgrades such as a short shift kit, solid cable end bushing and other accessory modifications while cost effective – tremendously add to the overall driving experience.

APR Short Shift Kit Brisbane

Despite all the advantages listed over the DSG gearbox, the manual still is not without it’s defects – repair items like clutch replacements, failed slave cylinders, worn hydraulics, leaks etc. are all not uncommon. Thankfully a competent Mechanic like Genesis Autoworks West End can replace your clutch components with ease.

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Why The DSG Transmission is Best

DSG Gearbox Shifter

For all the preachers and naysayers pontificating about why the manual transmission is the best and only real ‘enthusiasts’ choice, there are just as many arguments when it comes down to why the DSG Transmission is best. No matter how you dice it, the DSG Gearbox has been a game changer in performance, economy, efficiency and reliability for many years.

If you take the sheer numbers and volume – the DSG Gearbox always wins. The DSG Gearbox shifts faster, sharper and requires zero modifications or adjustments to handle any extra power you can throw at it, all while maintaining a pre determined level of lighting fast gear shifts all more efficiently and faster then any human ever can.

The DSG Gearbox first was introduced in Australia in 2003 and it has been a forever popular gearbox choice since – for good reason. It is undoubtedly a remarkable gearbox and has done everything to earn its name.

In 2019, VW switched to the DQ381 7 speed DSG in most of its high performance models including the GTI and R – this was a revolutionary game changer in the DSG offering and made these performance models a new contender in their own right. VW Motorsport has even relied on the DSG Gearbox to win all track days since the launch of the MK5.

DSG Gearbox Internals

In remarks of durability, the 6 speed wet clutch DSG has proven to be remarkably reliable and robust. Completely untouched and in stock form, a simple DSG tune is all that’s needed to further sharpen the responsiveness and sharpness of the DSG Gear shifts.

Ensure your DSG Services are  kept up to date, performed at the correct intervals with the correct parts and fluids by a suitable qualified Mechanic and your DSG will stay trouble free and reliable for years to come.

Manual on track

If we are talking downsides of DSG, there definitely is the relative lack of engagement involved. Undoubtedly the DSG Gearbox is exceptional for weekend road trips, commuting and quick track days however, compared to a manual gearbox, the engagement with the driver is quite lacking.

How to Choose: DSG or Manual 

At the very end of the day, what you do and what transmission your pick whether it be DSG or manual is totally up to you – armed with the appropriate information and sources the decision is yours.

At the end of the day, this is a pretty hotly contested topic, with many a meme and plenty of jabs thrown around on various groups and forums all over the internet. Like Ford vs. Chevy, the manual vs. DSG debate will likely rage on forever, which really only leaves us with one thing: which one do you own and which one do you think is better?

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