Car Servicing Myths Busted

Car Servicing myths - busted

For too long many are left wondering the age old question “Why should I get my car serviced when I have not reached the kms yet?”

The answer is simple – engine oils are designed to meet certain tolerances and specifications, to do so, manufactures use various additives, formulas and detergents in engine oil to maintain viscosity, cleaning properties etc.

Each engine oil is designed by the manufacture to be changed at regular service intervals – these intervals are considered the maximum the engine oil in question can perform for before these additives and detergents start to break down inside the engine therefore loosing their properties and effectiveness.

Understandably many consumers consider their car service a chore and dread it as much as haggling with a new car salesmen, but the stats are true, cars will last longer and perform better if they are regularly serviced.

Our tips to keep your car maintained inbetween your services;

  • Keep the oil level topped in-between your car services
  • Check your tyre pressures regularly
  • Check all your levels regularly (Coolant, power steering, washer fluid, transmission etc)
  • Perform a light check once a month
  • Do a quick under body check for any abnormalities


Reasons to regularly service your Car

We advise you keep getting your car serviced at regular intervals even if you do not do the KM recommendation as oil will still wear out and loose it’s effectiveness over time. 

Finding a good mechanic (like Genesis Autoworks West End) is imperative to keeping your car in top condition and avoiding breakdowns.

There are various sources and materials online that can give you further guides of what to do in-between your car servicing, also please read our other blog posts for more details information. 

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